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Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment Custom Aviation Fuelling Solutions

2000L Road-Registrable DGA Trailer

Dangerous Goods Approved Road-Registrable Trailers Approved for carriage of Class 3 Flammable Liquids (AVGAS, JET-A1, ULP) on Public Roads

1000L, 1500L, & 2000L Avgas, Jet A-1, ULP

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Road Registrable DGA Trailers

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment manufactures a range of trailers for use with Class 3 Flammable Liquids (JET-A1, AVGAS, ULP). These trailers have all certifications and approvals to allow registration as a Dangerous Goods Vehicle for carriage of Class 3 Liquids on public roads in any State or Territory of Australia. With over thirty years of aviation fuelling experi- ence, our DGA trailers have been refined through input and feedback from aviation operators all over Australia – and the world. The trailers are designed to get your aviation fuel almost anywhere. Able to be towed by almost any car or ute with a towbar, these small trailers offer light and medium aircraft operators the chance to extend their range and worktime away from their normal base Designed and built under the one roof in Tam- worth, NSW, our trailers feature solid steel frames, elliptical tanks – and the highest quality, aviation- grade fuel delivery equipment available. Our DGA trailers combine the flowrates and fuel manage - ment quality of a airfield refuelling system with the portability of drums and IBCs. Compliant from drawing board to driveaway, these trailers are fully compliant to all relevant Austra- lian standards and are registrable in all Australian states and territories. Our customers include helicopter touring compa- nies, who use these trailers as chasers to refuel aircraft on winery or fishing trips while the aircraft is parked at a destination, allowing for longer tours.

They’re used by aerial sprayers, looking to put in longer hours at destinations further away from their home base. Government departments, law enforcement, and fire services use our trailers as the foundation of a forward operations base when dealing with extend- ed search-and-rescue, surveying, or firefighting missions in remote areas.

Our Compliance Plates

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219

Refined over years of experience and customer input, our registrable, DGA trailers are based on the needs of professional aircraft operators around Australia – and the world. These Dangerous Goods Approved trailers can be towed by standard vehicles but requires the driver to have a Dangerous Goods drivers licence, making mobile refuelling accessible to aeroclubs, professional helicopter pilots and other light aircraft operators who are looking to increase their flexibility, and reduce their dependence on an airfield or helipad. A Range of Aviation Refuelling Trailers

Tank and Trailer

Our signature elliptical tank is crafted from aluminium alloy. The elliptical shape has been carefully designed by AFSE to mini- mise sloshing, maximise strength, and requires fewer welds to assemble than a rectangular tank. The centred lower seam forms a natural lowpoint for sumping, without the need for a separately fabricated sump box. Aluminium is inherently safe to use in direct contact with avia- tion fuel, without the need for expensive painted linings that can chip, flake, and invite rust on carbon steel tanks. Without the need for constant inspection, draining, de-gassing, and relining, an aluminium tank is practically maintenance free.

The tank and chassis are joined with factory-calibrated shock absorbing mounts, isolating the tank from chassis flex, preventing fatigue cracks and leaks. Like our tanks, our trailer chassis are designed and built in-house, tailor made for our tanks and pumpsets from square-section painted carbon steel or bare stainless steel. Off-road ready Landcruiser hubs, Sunraysia wheels, and leaf spring suspension ensures your trailer can get wherever its need- ed. Electrical connection is via a 12-pin plug, and an integrated electronic break-away brake-safe system stops your trailer in the event of a separation from the towing vehicle.

Chassis Details: Our trailers are built to hold the tanks they’re meant to carry – not adapted from existing designs. Heavy duty frame made from high-tensile, rect- angular hollow section steel for strength. 2-pack epoxy paint finish provides long-term protection against rust. Twin-axle, rocker-roller type leaf spring suspen- sion for maximum stability. Sunraysia steel wheels on Landcruiser hubs are rugged, and easy to repair or replace Fixed drawbar for strength, and to provide dedi- cated space for pumpset away from the dispens- ing equipment, in compliance with DGA stan- dards. Brake-safe trailer breakaway, with dedicated battery, automatically applies brakes and turns on brake lights in the event of trailer becoming separate from the towing vehicle. Standard 12-pin trailer plug. 50mm ball trailer hitch.

View of Underside of Completed Trailer

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219

Diesel Engine Fuel Dispensing Systems

Diesel Pumpset details If you need highest flows possible, choose our diesel pumpset. Able to deliver up 120 litres per minute, through 20m’s of 25mm hose, the diesel pumpset gets even the largest aircraft filled fast – getting you back in the air quicker. Powered by a Yanmar L48 diesel engine, with automatic cylinder decompression and recoil starter, it’s easy to start, even for smaller operators. Fitted with mechanical engine strangler to shut down engine in an emergency. Shrouded engine and flameproof exhaust (to AS1019) ensure the engine is safe for use in a Zone 1 explosive environment. The fluid transfer is handled by an Australian-made Ebsray V15 vane pump, with self-compensating vanes for reliability, and an adjustable bypass valve for pressure control. 38mm suction strainer between tank and pump chamber to protect pumpset from particulates. No red metals in the flowpath. Pump and motor are connected by geared driveshaft, shrouded for protection. Maximum system output (with filter, meter, nozzle, and 10m hose): up to 120LPM.

Dispensing System for Diesel Engine-powered Pump with Spill Catchment

Yanmar driven Ebsray V15 pump

Yanmar L48 with Mechanical Stop

ZVF25 Nozzle with Digital meter

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219 The secondary cabinet mount on the drawbar contains the brake- safe and battery, spill kit, and flameproof torch. All trailers come with a 9kg dry powder fire extinguisher. All trailers are fitted with reversible aluminium DG product signage and panels with space for Emergency Inforrmation details The rear cabinet is weatherproof and lockable, housing the filter, hose reel, and slops tank. The slops tank holds up to 20 litres, and both the cabinet and slops tank are fitted with drains. All access points and ports to the tank interior itself can be easily padlocked to keep your fuel safe.

Optional Meggitt Underwing nozzle

12 or 24v DC Fuel Dispensing Systems

DC Pumpset Details For those who don’t need to fill as fast or as often, or who want a pumpset with a simple pushbutton start, choose our electric pumpset. An ideal choice for operators with smaller aircraft, who mightn’t use them as often, like aeroclubs and recreational pilots. Fill-Rite AV4210 12V vane pump, with integrated, with AusEx and IECEx approvals and modified for use with aviation fuels. Completely self-contained power system, with a sealed 12-volt battery charged from a solar panel mounted on top of the tank ensures the pump is always ready to go. Built-in strainer in pump body to protect pump from large particulates. Solar panel maintains the charge of the 12V sealed battery powering the pumpset. No red metals in flowpath. Professionally installed for use within a Zone 1 explosive environment, with all wiring shielded from vapour. Pumpset installed in lockable rear cabinet for easy access. 30-minute duty cycle. Maximum system output (with filter, meter, nozzle, and 10m hose): up to 45 litres per minute.

12v DC Dispensing System in Lockable Cabinet with Spill Catchment

Fill-Rite AV4205 Pump

Battery Enclosure

ZVF25 Nozzle with Digital meter

For those who choose an electric, DC powered pumpset, the US made Fill-Rite AV4210 is a compact 12V solution delivering up to 45 litres per minute, powered from a battery recharged via an on-board solar panel, giving you complete independence when it comes to refuelling.

Solar Panels

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219

NMI Approved Metering System for Resale

Some of our customers require that the dispensing system is equipped and verified for resale of prod - uct. See below a dispensing system fitted with a Liquid Controls flow meter and other requirements to achieve this. This allows direct and legal sale of fuel wherever required - for example fighting fires.

Dispensing System for Diesel Engine-powered Pump with Liquid Controls M5 flow meter certified to NMI Standard to allow resale of fuel from trailer.


Our tanks are designed and built by AFSE in Tamworth, NSW. Fully compliant for avia - tion fuel use, the tank is designed and built to have the following features:

Built from 5mm aluminium sheeting. Alumini- um is safe to use in direct contact with aviation fuel, with no need for interior lining that can chip or flake, making it maintenance free. Elliptical cross-section increases strength, minimises sloshing during transit, and requires fewer welds than a rectangular tank. Fitted with an all-in-one hatch system, con- taining pressure and vacuum vent, fill and dip ports, inspection hatch with emergency vent - with all points able to be locked. Full-length bottom seam creates a natural low point to the water collection sump. Supplied with a calibrated dipstick. Spring-loaded mounting brackets isolate the tank from any chassis flex, minimizing the chances of warping, cracking, and leaks. Two internal baffles add strength and mini - mise sloshing. Full-length coaming protects hatches in the event of rollover. Fitted with lift points to easily lift empty tank off trailer.

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment Custom Fuelling Solutions

Aviation Refuelling Trailer

For Airside or Private Property Use Only This vehicle is not Dangerous Goods Approved

304 Stainless Tank with man access Emergency Vent & Inspection Hatch 12v Dispensing System - 20m Hose Top Fill, Emergency Vent, Dipstick JET-A1, AVGAS or ULP Safe Fill Level 2250 Litres w fu

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment Custom Fuelling Solutions

This vehicle designed and constructed for situations where there is no need for the vehicle to be fully Dangerous Goods Approved and is used on private property or airfields. We have included the features required for safe and efficient aircraft refuelling with: Man-access into the tank. Low point drains with self-closing valves, Inspection hatch with emergency vent, Fill tube with dipstick, Required product signage, Fire extinguisher and bracket All electrics shielded and out of Zone 1 Class 1 All stainless or aluminium fittings Details/Dimensions Dimensions: 4700mm L x 2200mm W Tare mass: 1040kgs Safe Fill Level: 2250 litres Call: 1800-025 869 or Email: for further details and quotation on vehicle to suit your requirements

Dispensing System - 12 or 24v DC Fill-Rite AV4210 12v Pump Velcon filter housing and element Spring rewind hose reel 20m x 25mm aviation hose assembly ZVF25 over wing nozzle Piusi K24 EX digital flow meter 20m static reel & clip 9kg 80 BE Fire extinguisher & Bracket OPTIONS AVAILABLE Solar power system for DC pump Diesel powered dispenser system for higher flows 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW Australia. Ph: 1800-025 869 - (Intnl) +612 6760 7816 - Email:

Trailer 3000 Litre with Under Wing Fuelling

This 3000 litre air-side only trailer is packed with features usually only found on tanker trucks. A diesel engine-powered 50mm vane pump ensures high flows to the Meggitt under wing nozzle. Equipped with deadman switch, 30m delivery hose on manual geared rewind Haar reel. Fitted with bottom fill system with overfill protection which enables rapid & safe filling

Deadman Switch

Geared rewind Reel

3000 litre non-DG Approved trailer dispensing system showing underwing nozzle, flow meter, high capacity filtration, Gammon pressure dif - ferential gauge with peak hold, product recovery tank, deadman switch & cable and Haar manual rewind hose reel.

300 to 500 Litre Aircraft Refuellers 300 to 500 litre small trailers for Class 3 Fluids - used for small aircraft and boat refuelling on private airfields and

marinas. Dispensing systems can include manual and DC electric with solar recharging.

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219

Trailer 5000 Litre with Under and Over Wing Fuelling 5000 litre JET-A1 trailer equipped with over and under wing nozzles, comprehensive fuel quality test capabilities, bottom fill with overfill protection. Standalone operation powered by Yanmar diesel engine.

Safe, clean & dry, rapid refuelling of aircraft anywhere, any time.

This unit airside only

Fuel Quality Test Panel

Aljac tester

Dual reels for over & under wing nozzles

Low profile 1000 litre De-fuelling Trailers

Super low profile all stainless AVGAS trailers for de-fuelling. Equipped with swivelling rear wheels for manuever-

ability, these specially de- signed units are used by military for defuelling low winged aircraft.

Custom aviation fuelling & de-fuel systems.

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219


Pump Systems

Flow Meters

General Wheels: Tandem axles, classic Sunraysia steel wheels on Landcruiser hubs. Suspension : Leaf Spring. Braking Failsafe: Brake-Safe break-away sys- tem, with internal battery and test switch. Electrical connection : 12 Pin plug Nozzle: Elaflex ZVF Manual, static bonded. Larger optional or single point option with dead- mans switching. Static Cable: 30m orange static reel with clip. Cabinet (rear): Lockable, enclosing hose reel, filter, and slops tank. Cabinet bottom sealed for spill catchment and fitted with drain valve. Cabinet (front) : Lockable, containing Brake Safe system, spill kit, DG safety equipment. Fire extinguisher: Type A:B(E) Dry Powder 9kg. Metering : Piusi K24Ex electronic flow meter, mount at nozzle, digital readout and totaliser, pow - ered by 1 x AAA battery. Liquid Controls M5 for NMI compliant systems. Vehicle

Tank Pumpset – Diesel: Ebsray V15 driven by shielded Yanmar diesel engine with recoil start and emergency shut off, flow rate up to 120LPM with standard 20m x 25mm hose.. Higher flows possible with larger ID hose and nozzle. Pumpset – DC : Fill-Rite AV4210 with indepen- dent on-board 12V Battery & Solar Panel, flow rate up to 45LPM with standard 10m x 25mm hose (but varies with hose length.) Filtration: Parker Velcon or Peco Facet 40mm filter unit, with 0.5 micron aviation filter monitor cartridge and with differential pressure indicator. Tank: Elliptical 5mm Aluminium, single skin Tank finish : Natural metal as standard, can be painted to order. Capacities : 1000L, 1500L, or 2000L Filtration


Reel: Spring rewind with all 316 stainless flow path. Options for larger reels & capacities avail- able for higher flows.

Registration - Road and Dangerous Goods

These trailers will need to be registered as a standard road trailer with your local roads authority and then will need to be registered as a Dangerous Goods Vehicle with you State or Territory Competent Authority. See complete list with details of these Authorities on separate page at end of this brochure.


SKU Description

Length mm Width Height

Tare Gross

410074 1000 Litre JET-A1r Registrablee JET-A1 4340mm 2035mm 1590mm 410075 1500 Litre JET-A1 Registrable

5450mm 2035mm 1590mm 1160kg 2390kg 5450mm 2035mm 1590mm 1180kg 2799kg

410076 2000 Litre JET-A1 Registrable 410071 1000 Litre AVGAS Registrable 410070 1500 Litre AVGAS Registrable 410032 2000 Litre AVGAS Registrable

4340mm 2035mm 1590mm

5450mm 2035mm 1590mm 1160kg 2390kg

5450mm 2035mm 1590mm 1180kg 2799kg All pipework is stainless steel or aluminium. No copper- or zinc-based metals are present in wetted parts. Filtration is handled by either a Peco Facet or Parker Velcon aviation fuel filter monitor cartridge to block particulate down to 0.5 microns, as well as stop free and emulsified water – delivering your aircraft clean, dry fuel you need to operate safely. For both pumpsets, delivery is handled by up to 20m of 25mm aviation fuel hose, through a ZVF 25mm manual nozzle. A Piusi K24EX meter mounted right at the nozzle allows a single user to monitor fuel flow without having to be in sight of the trailer cabinet.

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219

Registration - Road and Dangerous Goods

State Competent Authorities for Dangerous Goods Transport Each State and Territory has a Competent Authority for the transport of Dangerous Goods on public roads and rail. Your roadworthy DGA trailer must be registered with these Authorities in addition to registering it with the road authority before it can be used to transport Dangerous Goods on public roads. Only the operator of the trailer can register the trailer with these Dangerous Goods Competent Authorities. Just as with registering the trailer with your road authority, it’s not something AFSE can do on your behalf.

Dangerous Goods Competent Authorities


South Australia

Tasmania Chief Officer – Dangerous Substances Team, Safework SA Attorney General Department GPO Box 465 ADELAIDE SA 5001 Phone: 1300 365 2556 – 08 8226 4785 Fax: 08 8226 4999 Email: The Delegate of the Competent Authority – Department of Justice PO Box 56 ROSNY PARK TAS 7018 Phone: 03 6166 4600 (calls from interstate) – 1300 366 322 (local calls) Fax: 03 6233 8338 Email: The Manager – Dangerous Goods Unit, Victorian Workcover Authority Level 22 222 Exhibition Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000 Phone: 03 9641 1551 Victoria

Chief Inspector of Dangerous Goods – Dangerous Sub- stances Licensing PO Box 224 CIVIC SQUARE ACT 2608 Phone: 13 22 81 Email:


Environmental Protection Agency 59 Goulburn Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Phone: 131 555 Email: NT Worksafe GPO Box 1722 DARWIN NT 0801 Phone: 1800 019 115 Fax: 08 8999 5141 Email:

Northern Territory


Industry and Operator Authorisation – Department of Trans- port and Main Roads GPO Box 2595

Fax: 03 9641 1552 Email:

BRISBANE QLD 4000 Phone: 07 3066 2995 Fax: 07 3066 2453 Email:

West Australia

Chief Dangerous Goods Officer, Resources Safety – Depart - ment of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety 100 Plain Street EAST PERTH WA 6004 Phone: 1300 136 Email:

Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW 2340 E: sales - Ph: 1800-025 869 - Intl: +61 2 67607816 21219 Dangerous Goods Approved Road-Registrable Trailers 1000L, 1500L, & 2000L - Avgas, Jet A-1, ULP Approved for carriage of Class 3 Flammable Liquids (AVGAS, JET-A1, ULP) on Public Roads Australian Fuelling Systems & Equipment 7 - 11 Armstrong Street, Tamworth NSW Australia Ph 1800-025 869 E: - Ph +612 67607816

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